Page Display in SIR

As part of the effort to provide the best user experience possible in SIR, we attempt to display pages using currently accepted best practices based on open standards. However, many of the best practices guidelines are only feasible in modern browsers that are compliant with published standards (or nearly so). To address this problem, SIR utilizes adaptive page display based on what it believes are the capabilities of your browser.

If you use a modern browser, such as Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome, or Internet Explorer 6.0 or later, you will enjoy the best user experience in SIR, and should not need to be aware of this issue. Unfortunately, it is not possible to test all the possible browsers that might be used to access SIR. This means that for some browsers, or versions of browsers, SIR must make an educated guess about what is the best way to deliver web pages. Of course, this guess can be wrong, so the links at the bottoms of the pages allow you to override the choice made by SIR.

If you believe you are using a modern browser, but the links at the bottom of the page offer a choice to upgrade the page display, it almost certainly means we simply have not tested the optimal page display mode in that browser or version. Please do try upgrading the page display, and if everything looks fine, let use know at