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JaConTeBe Object Biography

The JaConTeBe concurrency subject is a collection of 47 Java test classes that exhibit concurrency faults that are manifest within standard Java library classes and third-party sourced Java libraries. The types of faults manifested are similar to those found in other concurrency subjects available in the repository.

The JaConTeBe subject is provided with a concurrency error kernel for each test object within JaConTeBe, which attempts to distill the essence of a particular subject's concurrency error into a simple and easy to understand code example. Necessary control and data structures are included within each kernel and in some cases the kernel can be used as the basis for experiments using Java Pathfinder, JPF. Many of the faults expressed by the JaConTeBe objects cannot be exposed using JPF, however. To enable revelation of the contained faults, each of the JaConTeBe subjects is supplied with a shell script which executes the kernel test driver application to expose the concurrency fault using the platform standard JVM.

Fault Descriptions

The categories of faults expressed, along with links to the applicable bug reports for each object contained in the JaConTeBe subject, are listed in the following table.

JPF Compatibility Considerations

As stated earlier, some JaConTeBe objects cannot be analyzed using JPF. The table below reflects the experimental results obtained when these objects were used with JPF along with a reference link to the bug report describing the fault to the relevant development team. The table also indicates the JPF version used along with the JPF error and failure reason, if known.


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