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Object Biography: Concordance

The concordance testing subject is a utility for making concordances (word indices) of documents. The original program was written in C++ by Ralph L. Meyer, and is available under the GNU General Public License. Over the course of several years, the author and several classes of senior-level students generated 13 separate faults in the program. Subsequently, the author used an automated mutation generation tool to create a larger population of modified versions, from which 200 were chosen as representative faults for use in testing studies.

Along with the faulted mutant versions, the author and students created test suites which were constructed according to guidelines for black-box testing (category-partition, boundary-value, extreme-value, syntax testing) and white-box testing. These test suites were put together to form a test pool with a total of 372 test cases.

The original use for this subject was to study the effects of test suite size and coverage. This research and the results are described in the paper:

Namin, Akbar Siami and Andrews, James H., "The Influence of Size and Coverage on Test Suite Effectiveness", in Proceedings of the 18th International Symposium on Software Testing and Analysis (ISSTA'09), Chicago, IL, 2009 ACM, New York, NY, USA, pp. 57--68, ISBN 978-1-60558-338-9


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