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Object Biography: NanoXML

NanoXML is a small XML parser for Java, available at NanoXML is an easy-to-use, non-GUI based, freely available system, buildable from source without using external libraries.

The extensible markup language, XML, is a way to mark up text in a structured document. It is designed to improve the functionality of the web by providing more flexible and adaptable information identification.

NanoXML is a component library, so we have also found an application, JXML2SQL, available with NanoXML, that uses NanoXML. JXML2SQL takes as input an XML file and either transforms it into an html file, showing the contents in tabular form, or into an SQL file.

Once we had the six versions of NanoXML, and the application that uses it, we created tests for it using the category partition method. We created these for the externally visible components of the NanoXML library, and also for the application. We created a first version of this suite for the base versions, then modified the suite as needed to handle changes in subsequent versions; this included adding some new tests.


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